Unified Communications Services - VoIP

3CX Unified Communications Services - VoIP

Quadron Group proudly presents that is Partner of 3CX - Unified Communications Solutions

We can strategically build, scale and deploy a high-quality, reliable and affordable enterprise communication system with a wide range of benefits.

With Quadron Group’s unified communications solutions, your organization can connect all of your mobile devices, phones, business apps, and personnel through one common platform.

Benefits of Unified Communications

More businesses than ever are incorporating unified communications. Here’s why:

Integrating phone systems with your CRM boosts customer satisfaction while saving time for phone agents Seamless conferencing, document sharing, call forwarding, and messaging create efficient collaboration Remote access and multi-location features increase employee mobility and productivity One user interface for all your applications means faster employee on-boarding and higher internal usage. For more information visit: www.3cx.com

If you want to install and test all of the 3CX features for free (1 year) please follow the link: Click here:

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